Back to the origins
of paddle sports

The level certification system of the FFCK (French organization of paddle sports) is undergoing an entire overhaul so that Pagaies Couleurs becomes a reference in the field and allows everyone, regardless of age or learning environment, to have the opportunity to get a Pagaies Couleurs's certification.
Our design studio created this new visual identity in line with these new values. Modernization of the Pagaies Couleurs, through the typography and the graphic design created. Gain of legitimacy, thanks to the identity's story that makes it intelligible. Opening and widening of the target, possible thanks to the ease of appropriation of the identity, the focus is no longer on sport but on a part of the history of mankind.
The visual identity designed has been inspired by the native american cultures and their connection with nature, in order to ensure continuity between past, present and future.

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