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Logos - 2015-2016
Art Direction, Branding, Icon Design
Parallele - Fashion branding
Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Packaging - Tsarine Edelw'ice
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging
Typography - Impossible Font
Graphic Design, Typography
Medals Design - Olympiades des M├ętiers
Industrial Design, Jewelry Design, Product Design
Graphic Art - The Void
Branding, Graphic Design, Music
Packaging - Tsarine Matriochka
Packaging, Illustration, Graphic Design
Paper Art - Wishes card 2017
Art Direction, Illustration, Set Design
UX/UI Design - Promotelec
Art Direction, Web Design, UI/UX
Poster Worldskills by Robin Gillet & Sandy Champion
Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Illustration
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